ESEFA partners with Diwala to issue its certificates

28 Jan 2022
Diwala logo
28 Jan 2022

The ESEFA programme has partnered with Diwala. Founded in Norway, the Diwala platform has also been built, tested, and implemented with local actors and partners in Uganda and other African countries to cater to the needs of the African market. This partnership aims to safeguard the credibility of certificates and ensure that they stand the test of time. Since the partnership started in October 2021, over 50 ESEFA exam passers have been awarded with certificates on the Diwala platform. The aim is to migrate all existing certificates to the Diwala platform within the following year.

Who is Diwala?

“Diwala is a digital platform that enables secure and efficient issuance and verification of individuals’ credentials, by giving them a digital skill identity. Any digital proof issued through the Diwala platform can easily be accessed, shared and verified online.” You can read more about the platform here:

Why issue certificates this way?

A digital certificate provides you with permanent digital records for lifelong learning that can be easily verifiable authenticity with 100% accuracy and security, anywhere in the world. It is a shorter, less costly, more secure and eco-friendly certification process. You can now easily receive, access and share their certificates anywhere, at any time. The certificates can be verified online in seconds by potential employers or investors. 

More secure

Once your certificate is issued, it is there to the end of time. As long as you have access to your Diwala profile, you will always have access to your certificate.

Easy Verification

Using the QR code found at the bottom of your certificate and the power of blockchain, your certificate can now easily be verified by any future employee in a matter of seconds.