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ESEFA partners with Diwala to issue its certificates

The ESEFA programme has partnered with Diwala. Founded in Norway, the Diwala platform has also been built, tested, and implemented with local actors and partners in Uganda and other African countries to cater to the needs of the African market. This pa
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ESEFA 2021 Farewell

We ended off 2021 with a heartfelt goodbye to Kudzai Katsidzira and a warm welcome to Caitlin Hayes at the memorable end of year event at Hout Bay’s Clay Café. The ESEFA team spent the afternoon painting pottery and enjoying a de
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ESEFA Virtual Lecture Training

Faculty members from universities across Sub-Saharan Africa were invited to attend the first ever virtual Enterprise Systems Education for Africa (ESEFA) Train-the-Lecturer programme in March 2021.
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