Next-Gen Workshop

The Next-Gen workshop will focus on presentations and discussions related to partnerships with Industry on various projects related to teaching, research or co-innovation projects. We will highlight some of the formats these projects can take, the legal & resource implications as well as look at some examples.

The detailed breakdown of the key discussion points is indicated below:

Next-Gen Projects Overview Session (1.5 hrs)  -  12th July

  • UA Overview
  • Global Next-Gen definitions and overview from UA perspective
  • Overview of the different types of Next Gen projects
  • An example of Next-gen (teaching) project at UCT

Next-Gen Workshop – Day One (4.5 hrs) - 14th July

  • 1st Session - In depth presentation on the three types of next-gen projects (Teaching, Research & Co-innovation) with examples from UCC
  • Break
  • 2nd Session – Brainstorming on potential next-gen projects based on the local/African contexts

Next-Gen Workshop – Day Two (4.5 hrs) - 15th July

  • 1st Session – Brief intro into various disruptive technologies (e.g Blockchain, IOT, Machine Learning) and their potential relevance for next-gen projects.
  • 1st Session cont. – Legal Set-up for next Gen projects
  • Break
  • 2nd Session – Operational issues:
    • skills & resources needed to support Next-Gen initiatives
    • how to set up Next-Gen Lab
    • sustainability of next-gen projects


Analytics Workshop

Analytics workshop will aim at exposing lecturers to various analytics curriculums that currently available. We will also discuss some future plans and areas for developments and collaboration.

The detailed breakdown of the session is shown below:

Analytics Overview Session (2  hrs) - 13th July

  • General overview of various analytics tools & capabilities available
    • Lumira (more emphasis, linked to ESEFA curriculum, no need for additional products/costs)
    • BW (relational & HANA)
    • Business Objects
    • S4HANA
    • Fiori

Analytics Workshop – Day One (2.5 hrs) - 14th July

  • Lumira Curriculum in detail (hands on workshop)
  • Break
  • Demo of BW on Hana, S4HANA Business Objects

Analytics Workshop Day Two (2.5 hrs) - 15th July

  • Future developments on ESEFA analytics curriculum using Lumira
  • Big data analytics research & co-innovation projects