This page includes helpful information to get you started on our new digital certificates.

  • I have just passed my ESEFA exam, now what?

    Congratulations! You have just passed your ESEFA exam which means you are now eligible to receive your Enterprise Systems Fundamentals with SAP S/4HANA digital certificate. To obtain your certificate, you will need to download the Diwala app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
    Within 3 days after passing your exam, you will be sent an email from with a link to enrol on the Diwala course to receive your certificate. This email will also have a 6-digit code that you can use inside your Diwala app to sign up manually. 
    NB: It is important that you use the same email that you have used when writing the ESEFA exam (usually your student/institution email address).
  • How do I enrol in a course to receive my certificate?

    If you have successfully completed the course and passed the exam you will receive an email from ESEFA asking you to enrol yourself to the course so that we can issue you a certificate.
    Enrol to your course by clicking on the direct link sent to your email or by filling in the 6-digit course code number shared by your lecturer. 

  • Don’t have a smartphone?

    Not having a functional smartphone does not mean you will not receive your certificate. It only means you cannot download the Diwala app. You can still receive a PDF certificate as a "custody user" if you should not be able to download the app. For you to receive your certificate using this option, you will have to request your lecturer to send you a custody invitation. 

  • Why do I need to upload a profile picture when creating my account?

    In order to create a complete profile of your skill identity using the Diwala App, it is important for you to add your picture to your skill identity. This allows us and your institution to confirm that it is really you who we are awarding the credential to. If you did not upload a picture during your onboarding process, you can upload a profile picture, by clicking the picture thumbnail on your skill identity.

  • I have downloaded the app and I have enrolled to my course, but I haven't received my certificate yet?

    You have successfully downloaded the Diwala App but have not yet received the certificate you were expecting to be issued to you. It could be because of one of the reasons below:

    1. The certificates have not been issued by the ESEFA personnel yet. If it has been more than a week, kindly get in touch with us.
    2. Double check that you have used the same email address when setting up your Diwala profile and writing your ESEFA exam
    3. Your Diwala app may be out of date
    • Having trouble downloading the Diwala App?

      If you are having difficulty downloading the app, please look at the list below along with the solutions to fix the issue.

      • Lack of phone storage

      To successfully download the Diwala App on your phone, ensure you have enough phone storage. In case you do not have enough phone storage to store the App, proceed to clear up some space on your phone.

      To do this, you can refer to this article to guide you. 

      • Weak internet connection

      Currently, the Diwala App only works on devices with an internet connection. Your App could fail to download if the device you are trying to download it to is not connected to a stable internet connection. Ensure that your data is on or switch to another internet connection and download the App again.

      • Android/iOs version

      The Diwala App works on phones that are and above version 4.4.4. To check the version of your phone, go to the SETTINGS section of the phone then go to the ABOUT/ABOUT PHONE page. 
      The Diwala App will not download nor work on all phone versions under 4.4.4 android.

      • Download apk instead

      In case any of the above fixes have failed, you could try downloading the App using its APK version. Kindly refer to a guide on how to do this here,

      • Other

      If you are still not sure why you can't download the Diwala app, take a screenshot of where exactly you have stopped in the process, send it to us directly, and we will get back to you with a solution.

    Have more questions?

    Please check out Diwala's FAQ page for any questions we may have missed by clicking here. Alternatively, contact us at for all your ESEFA certificate queries.