ESEFA 2021 Farewell

10 Dec 2021
10 Dec 2021

We ended off 2021 with a heartfelt goodbye to Kudzai Katsidzira and a warm welcome to Caitlin Hayes at the memorable end of year event at Hout Bay’s Clay Café. The ESEFA team spent the afternoon painting pottery and enjoying a delightful lunch while getting to know Caitlin and wishing Kudzai all the best for her future endeavours. 

About Kudzai

Kudzai was welcomed to the ESEFA team at the start of 2019. She completed her BCom Honours specialising in Information Systems while working at ESEFA. Together with Lisa as her supervisor, she was awarded the Best Paper Award at the SACLA conference in 2020. Major projects and activities during her time with ESEFA include assisting with the SAP Fiori curriculum conversion and testing. She also assisted with redesigning the BI and reporting curriculum. We enjoyed working with Kudzai and her positive energy. We are grateful for her dedication and commitment to ESEFA. We extend our best wishes to her for her future endeavours.


Appointment of new ESEFA Team member

We are pleased to welcome Caitlin, who will be taking over from Kudzai. After one month of onboarding, Caitlin will assume her new role as ESEFA’s research and technical assistant as of January 1st, 2022.